The Immersive Medical Training Courses

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R3’s Online Course Mission

To provide accredited courses with evidence based information that provides attendees with immediately useful information and skills. The result is learning up to date information and skills for better patient education and outcomes. Courses are available 24/7 anytime, from anywhere!

Available Online CME Accredited Courses

Fundamentals Of Regenerative Medicine Course

The leader in regenerative medicine training now offers a CME Accredited course teaching basics of stem cells, exosomes, PRP, supplements and FDA Regulations. Evidence based and comprehensive, learn the latest findings!

April 9-10th, 2022, San Diego, CA

Regenerative Aesthetics Course

Start out learning facial anatomy, how the face ages, and why people choose to have aesthetics procedures. Then enjoy lessons on dermal fillers, PRP therapy and neurotoxins. See real patient evaluations, procedure techniques, complication avoidance!

April 9-10th, 2022, San Diego, CA

PDO Thread Lift Certification

Brush up on the latest PDO Thread Lift info and techniques with this CME Accredited course. Learn about thread types, indications, placement planning and techniques, anatomy and complication management. Both Face and Neck are showcased.

Fundamentals of Microneedling

Provide attendees an online course for complete familiarization of what microneedling is, how it works, and tips/techniques for how to perform the procedure for several indications. While not CME accredited, the course does include a Completion Certificate.

April 9-10th, 2022, San Diego, CA

Bundle Courses

R3 Medical Training is now offering a Course Bundle Package. Rather than purchasing several courses individually, providers can now receive access to ALL the online CME and Certificate Courses for only $2495 for a year! Individually, these courses cost over $4000 and providers receive three months of access. With the Course Bundle, providers receive access to all courses for 12 months

April 9-10th, 2022, San Diego, CA

Musculoskeletal (MSK) Diagnostic Ultrasound Video Series

Ultrasound represents an exciting method for healthcare providers to perform intra-office examinations on patients. Providers can see in REAL TIME what is going on in a specific joint, spine or soft tissue area to make a proper diagnosis. Patients appreciate ultrasound exams, knowing that the provider has obtained a valuable skill set to make an accurate diagnosis.

April 9-10th, 2022, San Diego, CA